please respect copyrights: do not use images without photographer's permission
BLOB-LAB is my small post production and photography studio.
focused on editorial, advertising, music, art, books and exhibition work.
I've worked as freelance for 28 years mostly in New York
I was fortunate to have the chance since the very beginning of my career 
to work along side celebrity and music photographer Mark Seliger
in largest part for magazines 'Rolling stone', vanity fair usa, gq, vogue, elle.

most recent work include:
Oscar's night, vanity fair party
Lenny Kravitz's 'noche luna', ad campaign
dom perignon - lady gaga, ad campaign.
as well, I've done some work as a photographer for magazines like Vanity Fair Italy, take me, d'scene
and have done some experimenting with creative video directing and editing.
I've recently relocated in south of France near Montecarlo.

fluent in English and Italian.
I'm mostly interested in working with motivated and positively vibed creative professionals that like precision
and understand the process as well as the type of communication necessary for best results.

I'm also happy to work with anyone low key minded, on anything creative and experimental, and with any budget
such as new emerging photographers in need of quality post-production assistance
however, all depends on availability, team's  vibe, concept and complexity of work requested.

my belief is that
From my perspective, it is what brings together the hard work of usually many people.
My opinion is that well done post production work should appear as if the final image is exactly as it was taken in the camera
and nothing or close to it was done to it since then.
below indicative standard rates

for post-production:

- editorial print:
200 - 500 euros / img depending on image dimensions, complexity and quality required
- celebrity:   200-600 euros / img

- advertising:
400 - 2500 euros / img depending on size, complexity of compositions, type of file required on delivery,  quantity of formats necessary for each image, total quantity of images.
advertising might cost up to 5-7000 euros / img if image requires complex composing or reconstruction

- website:   60-120 euros / img
- catalog:   60 - 200 euros / img depending on final output dimensions.
- necessity of overnight and weekend work induces higher rates of + 25% to be applied

- if daily rate preferred:  500-1000 euros / 10 hrs day, +25% / hr Over time

- color proofing is not included
- Blob-lab does not provide scanning nor printing services

- jobs are expected to be paid within a maximum of 2-3 months from delivery
- independent clients: a deposit might be required
- for over 3 months delayed payments, a +10%/mo increased fee would apply

if hired as photographer, I can work out with client special combined rates for  photo, video and retouching.

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